The Good, The Bad and The Irrelevant

We see the best and the awful, and the entirety in-between. Sorting thru the Android Marketplace of over 300,000 apps isn’t any small undertaking, however we’ve got been regularly running closer to finding the excellent stuff on your circle of relatives, and giving you a breakdown of the cool and the drool (our version of the coolest & awful) on all kinds of apps, not simply games.

All of the apps that we evaluate ought to bypass a precursory inspection earlier than we will even keep in mind them for our overview manner. This approach that we simplest assessment apps that have a few relevance to households, aren’t malicious, and commonly meet a positive level of first-rate.

The Best of the Best

But despite the fact that all of the apps that we evaluation meet those initial criteria, there may be nonetheless a massive difference between an acceptable app and a sincerely enjoyable app that surpasses our expectations.
It’s constantly a deal with to come across an app this is surely properly made, unique, attractive and has some form of intensity to the interplay that it offers. You can constantly tell whilst there has been an extra bit of attempt and love constructed into an app, and (coming from folks who use and overview a gaggle of various apps) it’s truely liked.

These are the apps that stand other than the others, they are some of Famigo’s minecraft 1.19.0 apk favorites, and we think that your own family will definitely love them too:

Top Paid Apps

Cut the Rope – $zero.99

A lovely sport with lovable characters and a excellent person interface. It plays off of really interesting and complicated physics puzzles. If Pixar had made a blockbuster app, this will be it. Although this app has been famous on Apple’s app store for some time, it’s far new to the Android Market.

Drawing Pad – $1.Ninety nine

There are a number of drawing apps out there, and a group which can be supposedly designed particularly for kids. From what we’ve visible, they may be in particular lackluster. (Meaning they appear to be awful rip-offs of Paint, with layout queues taken from the 1980s, no longer that we do not love the eighty’s, but these apps are not even seeking to be unfashionable!) This drawing app, but, is exceptional. It’s smooth, easy to apply, and has a ton of selections for distinctive colorings and substances

X Construction – $1.Forty three

We like this one so much that we hold on playing it, almost regular, despite the fact that we have already reviewed it. It’s challenging, occasionally frustratingly so, however that’s what maintains us coming lower back to it time and again once more. There’s some thing about being liable for a educate finishing its adventure this is oddly satisfying.

Nano Panda – $zero.Ninety seven

There’s one word that describes this app: adorable. It’s every other physics-based puzzle sport, but it manages to be pleasant through its game play, consumer interface, and excessive use of pandas. In our eyes there is no such thing as too many pandas, so this app gets the Famigo seal of approval.

Top Free Apps


This is a brightly coloured, smooth to play app that is amusing for anybody. It has the capability of being multi-person, which we like. (It’s always greater a laugh to play together!) There’s an specially first-class touch constructed into the sport, win a degree and you will see what we’re talking approximately.

Best Android Apps for Families