Since lace wigs and lace front parts are relatively new to many consumers; There are many myths and rumors circulating. Many women who want to purchase a quality lace wig or even a celebrity lace wig are reluctant. These more common myths about lace wigs and lace front pieces are about to be shattered.
A lace wig is completely carefree.

While the lace wigs are made with quality remy human hair, care is still required. Just like you wouldn’t leave your hair unprotected, you shouldn’t mistreat your wig either. Human hair lace wigs can be wet, hot styled, cut and colored. That doesn’t mean you can take heat damage, constant use of bleach without constantly washing or dying. Treat a human hair lace wig as if it were your own.
Outside of the lace wig, your hair still requires care. Many people believe they can leave the lace front or lace wig installed for 6-8 weeks. While applications of glue and tape like Invisi Bond or Vapon NoTape provide a long-lasting hold, your natural hair should breathe. Regular washing and conditioning should remain a part of your regimen.
Only celebrities wear lace wigs and lace front wigs

While this was true many years ago, lace wigs and lace wig products are widely available for all women. There was a time when only industry human hair tape in extensions professionals and celebrities had access to lace wigs, lace wigs, and custom lace wigs. Today these products are available to everyone in many different beauty shops. The beauty behind a lace wig is that many times you won’t be able to tell who is wearing it or not.

To serve a larger market, lace wig makers create styles that women see every day. Celebrity lace wigs are more popular than ever. Style names like Rihanna, Beyonce or Kimora are available on many websites. Even if you don’t have a favorite celebrity, you can usually find an exact celebrity style for a specific event. Lace wigs like “Curly Beyonce” or “Curly Halle Berry” are examples of the curly styles you can style from these celebrities.
Wearing a lace wig will make you bald

This is perhaps the biggest myth which is the least true. While other myths have a grain of truth, wearing a lace wig alone doesn’t cause baldness. In fact, lace wigs and lace front wigs can help hair growth. Many women who choose to grow their natural hair without chemicals use protective styles for healthy hair growth. Protective styles include braids, loose buns to protect ends, textures, and wigs.

What can cause hair breakage when wearing a lace wig is applying duct tape or glue directly to the hairline. Some women go so far as to shave the hairline so that the lace wig can be left behind enough to look more natural. What they don’t realize is that lace glue should never be applied directly to your hair. This will cause the user to lose the edges of the hair over time due to the stress caused by the glue. When worn correctly, a lace wig is a great way to protect your natural hair from adverse weather conditions and constant handling.
Anyone can apply a lace wig.

Lace wigs have become more innovative to make application easier than ever. There are also synthetic lace front wigs with combs for a quick and secure hold. Although there are sites and videos to instruct on lace wig application, it is best to see a professional stylist to install the unit. It is even more important to go to a stylist who knows what he is doing. Because lace wigs are fairly new to the broader consumer market, stylists haven’t had a chance to practice these techniques. Better get a request on the lace wig itself and have a separate discussion on the application. Your stylists should be experienced in cutting hair to reduce total hair mass, be able to measure your head for custom lace wigs, and advise you on multiple application methods. If your stylist is as clueless as you are or advises you to keep the wig for 6-8 full weeks, run!

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Myths about lace wigs